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Introduction to Yieldmagic

Yieldmagic is a premier affiliate network with over 100,000 advertisers. And with so many advertisers, you don't have to worry about joining multiple networks to find offers that fit your content.

We empower you to optimize your earnings – but without alienating your visitors.

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Your benefits with Yieldmagic


Keep an eye on your customers and react to what they like most. Be dynamic with statistics, graphs and details about your content.

Access everywhere

Our tools are designed to be responsive so that everyone can access them from everywhere from every device there is.

No effort

Our tools are marketing your content fully automated. Therefore you can just concentrate on your content.


You have customers from around the world or don't know where they come from? That is great because we are present in almost every country there is, and the more there is, the more you will profit.


Social networks are the most used platforms on the internet. With our tools you cannot just monetize simple content but Social Contents like Facebook-, Twitter- or Blog-Posts too.

>8,000 publisher

More than 8,000 publishers are trusting into us and our tools. You can start benefit from our long living experiences in affiliate marketing, too.

Free Customer Support

We are offering support for every marketing and advertising related content there is. You can get answers about our tools and platform or other questions you don't understand about our business. As a customer you will find a big support database in your administration area besides our faq section but if that's not helping you can communicate directly with our support team via chat or email.

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