A new branch for Yieldmagic
von Celina Latusek 1. May. 2020 Allgemein

So far, all developers, that were involved in the improvement and further development of the Yieldmagic software, have been based in the Yieldmagic headquarters in Paderborn.
From 01.05.2020 on, we will be happy to obtain support from Göppingen! Here we will open a new branch for the development of our software and welcome new members to our development team.

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How the corona crisis affects Yieldmagic
von Celina Latusek 1. Apr. 2020 Allgemein

In times of the corona crisis, uncertainties keep cropping up in both private and professional settings. Therefore, here is a brief summary about in how far Yieldmagic and their publishers and customers are affected by the corona crisis.

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Yieldmagic as sponsor of the Affiliate Bash Hamburg (2020)
von Celina Latusek 5. Mar. 2020 Konferenzen & Messen

This year’s Affiliate Bash will take place in Hamburg on May 12, 2020 - and Yieldmagic will be there as a sponsor.

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The Pokerbash 2020 being canceled due to the coronavirus
von Celina Latusek 4. Mar. 2020 Konferenzen & Messen

Due to the coronavirus, the Pokerbash Event which was supposed to take place on March 4th, 2020 had to be canceled.

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Meet us at the Affiliate Summit Europe 2020 in Amsterdam!
von Celina Latusek 3. Mar. 2020 Konferenzen & Messen

On June 3rd and 4th, 2020 you will have the chance to participate in the Affiliate Summit Europe 2020 at RAI Amsterdam.

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Yieldmagic as a sponsor at the Affiliate Stammtisch in Leipzig
von Celina Latusek 28. Feb. 2020 Konferenzen & Messen

Yieldmagic will be a sponsor at the 11th „Affiliate Stammtisch“ (Affiliate Round Table) in Leipzig. The Affiliate Stammtisch is an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences in online and affiliate marketing, to analyse trends and to get feedback on new ideas.

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Network & Poker - Yieldmagic will be sponsor at the Pokerbash 2020
von Celina Latusek 7. Jan. 2020 Konferenzen & Messen

It begins again on March 4, 2020: The OMBash 2020 series starts with the Pokerbash - and Yieldmagic will be there as a sponsor. From 7 p.m. you can network at the Salzburg Casino while playing poker. The noble ambience of the casino provides the perfect opportunity to make new contacts and meet old friends in a cozy atmosphere.

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Why you should use content marketing for your affiliate marketing
von Celina Latusek 2. Dec. 2019 Allgemein

Affiliate marketing is suitable for a variety of websites. For example, affiliates are used to make money from comparison websites or coupon websites. However, affiliates that are embedded in content websites get the largest share of commissions. A whopping 39 percent of the affiliate commissions are generated by content marketing.

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Why affiliate marketing is so worthwhile
von Celina Latusek 20. Sep. 2019 Allgemein

Affiliate marketing generates 16 percent of all online orders. That's quite a lot.
With a share of 16 percent, affiliate marketing is just as successful as email marketing. Only organic and paid search results generate more online orders - each of them make up about 20 percent.

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Yieldmagic - Sponsor of Affilliate Networkxx 2019
von Celina Latusek 14. Sep. 2019 Konferenzen & Messen

It's that time of the year again: On November 11th, Affiliate Networkxx is entering a new round - and this time, Yieldmagic will be a sponsor.

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Einstellungsmöglichkeiten für Yieldmagic
von Kaan Özet 30. Nov. 2018 Allgemein

Wir präsentieren Euch heute neue Möglichkeiten um Eure Erfahrung mit Yieldmagic anzupassen!

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Neue Statistiken für Publisher
von Kaan Özet 23. Nov. 2018 Allgemein

Unsere Publisher haben ab sofort die Möglichkeit umfangreiche Statistiken zu Ihren Transaktionen und den dazugehörigen Provisionen einzusehen!

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Willkommen zum Yieldmagic-Blog
von Kaan Özet 9. Nov. 2018 Allgemein

Wir freuen uns, Euch unseren Blog vorstellen zu können! In regelmäßigen Abständen werden wir hier diverse Informationen rundum unser Angebot präsentieren.

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