A new branch for Yieldmagic

von Celina Latusek 1. May. 2020

So far, all developers, that were involved in the improvement and further development of the Yieldmagic software, have been based in the Yieldmagic headquarters in Paderborn.
From 01.05.2020 on, we will be happy to obtain support from Göppingen! Here we will open a new branch for the development of our software and welcome new members to our development team.

Göppingen is internationally known for outstanding know-how in matters of development, software and IT. In addition to TeamViewer AG and T-Systems International GmbH (Telekom), we are now looking forward to settling in Göppingen and benefiting from the know-how available there.

From 01.05.2020 onwards you will not only find us in Paderborn, but also at the following address:

Yieldmagic GmbH
Steinbeisstrasse 12
73037 Göppingen