Why affiliate marketing is so worthwhile

von Celina Latusek 20. Sep. 2019

Affiliate marketing generates 16 percent of all online orders. That's quite a lot.
With a share of 16 percent, affiliate marketing is just as successful as email marketing. Only organic and paid search results generate more online orders - each of them make up about 20 percent.

So apparently, participating in affiliate marketing programs is well worth it - both for companies who want to promote their products or services, as well as for content publishers such as bloggers, youtubers and social media users.

Affiliate marketing - advantages for enterprises

Affiliate marketing is a very worthwhile marketing opportunity for companies.

Low scattering losses due to optimal targeting

In television advertising and other broadly targeted advertising measures, businesses are facing large scattering losses. Affiliate marketing, on the other hand, has the advantage that the affiliate links can be integrated into exactly those content areas or social media profiles that are thematically perfect for the respective products or services. The scattering losses are accordingly low and the target group is optimally reached.

Little effort for companies due to an affiliate network

By signing up to an affiliate network, companies can save a lot of time while still promoting their products or services on many websites at the same time. The company can save a lot of time to pick out many individual advertising spaces. Instead, the company can provide appropriate banners to many different content creators. The content creators can then choose whether they want to promote those products.

Success-based payment

Another benefit for sellers is the fact that they pay content creators only when an affiliate link has actually achieved success. A distinction can be made between different compensation models: Either a company pays for every 1,000 impressions (cost-per-mile), per click (cost-per-click) or per purchase that is made via the affiliate link (cost-per-sale). The most common compensation models are cost-per-click and cost-per-sale. So if no website visitor clicks on the affiliate link or no sale is made, the company does not have to pay any money.

This is a big advantage over other advertising measures. For example, if a company is broadcasting a television advertisement, the cost must be borne - regardless of whether the ad led to a sale or not.

Affiliate marketing - advantages for content creators

Affiliate marketing is extremely rewarding not only for shop owners but also for content creators.

Monetizing online content due to affiliate marketing

Creating online content takes lots of time for bloggers, youtubers & Co. If you want to turn your passion (blogging or vlogging) into a career, you have to ensure that the creation of content generates revenue. Otherwise, it can only stay a hobby.

Content creators have two options: either they are big enough and have enough readers / viewers to be paid as corporate influencers for mentioning individual products. For all smaller content creators with comparatively few subscribers, readers or viewers, however, the affiliate marketing is much better. Because affiliate links can also be used in the initial phase of a blog or another content channel, while the numbers of readers or viewers are not yet sufficient to act as an influencer and to get high amounts of money for mentioning a single product.

Easy integration

Affiliate marketing is a great way for content creators to make money from their web content. The affiliate links or affiliate banners can be integrated very easily. There is no need to integrate your own shop system. You only have to create the same content as before. The extra effort consists only in the selection of suitable affiliate partners.