Why you should use content marketing for your affiliate marketing

von Celina Latusek 2. Dec. 2019

Affiliate marketing is suitable for a variety of websites. For example, affiliates are used to make money from comparison websites or coupon websites. However, affiliates that are embedded in content websites get the largest share of commissions. A whopping 39 percent of the affiliate commissions are generated by content marketing.

For a good reason: content marketing is definitely one of the best ways to earn money with affiliates. Let us show you what the advantages over other possibilities are and what disadvantages you should consider.

Content marketing enables long-term revenue

One huge advantage of content marketing compared to other ways of affiliate marketing can be seen in the long-term revenue that can be achieved: You can earn money with your website as long as your website is online.
A long-term revenue is only possible if the visibility of your websites is based on a good content marketing strategy. Whereas, if the traffic is generated by paid advertising, the number of visitors immediately drops to zero as soon as you stop paying for advertisements.

Search engine traffic converts the best!

While Facebook advertisements as well as TV spots or other advertising measures with a broad target group imply significant scattering loss, content marketing is able to show the best products or services for the right target group. So the scattering loss is relatively small and the conversion rate accordingly high.
For example, if a travel blogger publishes a blog post about a road trip through Canada that includes an affiliate link to the website of a hostel near Lake Louise, Alberta, or links to a cheap car rental near Vancouver Airport via an affiliate link, it's likely to be seen by internet users who found the travel blog on Google while looking for information for their own road trip through Canada. This is advantageous both for the companies (in this example, the hostel and the car rental) and for the (travel) blogger.

The company avoids scattering loss and optimally reaches its own target group.

At the same time, the chances for the blogger are particularly high that many of his website visitors click on the thematically extremely appropriate affiliate link and thus give him the highest possible commission turnover.

Disadvantages of affiliate marketing based on content marketing

Not everyone is equally enthusiastic about the possibilities of content marketing.
For example, it can be criticised that the success of content marketing usually only becomes visible in the long term. In order to build a successful content area, which allows high revenue through affiliate commissions, you must first invest time and money in the content creation.
It takes months or even years to create enough worthy content so that your website ranks very high in the Google search results.

But let's be honest: it pays off to spend time and money on a landing page if you can generate revenue through affiliates for years and years.