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Yieldmagic - Sponsor of Affilliate Networkxx 2019

von Celina Latusek 14. Sep. 2019

It's that time of the year again: On November 11th, Affiliate Networkxx is entering a new round - and this time, Yieldmagic will be a sponsor.
Affiliate Networkxx is the largest event of its kind in the German-speaking world. Once again, interesting and diverse topics of affiliate marketing and online marketing will be covered.
Like last year, Affiliate Networkxx is the right place for business networking. Not only can you connect to agencies and affiliate networks, but also to publishers and merchants. Here you will be the first to hear about the latest news and trends in the affiliate and online marketing industry.
As this year's special, speed networking and a job exchange will be offered.

How relevant is affiliate marketing in Germany?

The interest in affiliate marketing and the importance of this marketing channel is steadily increasing. Affiliate marketing generates 16 percent of online orders. Thus, affiliate marketing is now as important as email marketing. By comparison: paid search results account for 20 percent of online orders worldwide, while organic search results generate 21 percent of online orders.

Also in Germany, affiliate marketing is extremely popular and promising. The trade association HDE stated that already in 2016, 44 billion euros were generated through online trading. Alone 7.6 billion euros have been earned by affiliate marketing. Compared to the previous year, this represents an increase of 9 percent (6.98 billion euros).

So for influencers, bloggers and small website operators as well as for online retailers, it is worthwhile to engage in affiliate marketing – for example at Affiliate Networkxx.
Affiliate marketing promises great success for both sides – for online retailers who want to promote their products and for website owners who embed the advertising on their website.