Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using Yieldmagic?

We are offering mighty monetizing tools to get the most out of your content with no charge at all. Our system counts over 300,000 potential users for you to profit from. You will love to see our analytics of your customers with statistics, graphs and deeper details which are accessible from everywhere and with every major device there is. Our globally network will make sure that you are profiting from any country you want.

How much will your product cost?

Our monetizing tools and support are totally free. You can use them anytime time you want without getting worried about any cost. If you want deeper consulting from our experts, then contact us and we will offer you very affordable prized to get our knowledge for.

On which platform can i use your system?

You can use our system on almost every platform there is. Even if you are just a Blogger, a Streamer, Influencer or using Social Networks to promote something, you will be able to use our tools with ease on internet media related platforms. We are also offering an API which will let you no boundaries to integrate our system into yours.

How long will it take to get my account to be activated?

We are opening our selection of new users every few weeks to get our beta test going. After the beta you will be able to activate your account automatically without a review of our admins. If you want to apply for our testing phase you can contact us any time.